Chaisomboone Exchange Part., Ltd.

1280 Charoenkrung Road Bangrak Bangkok 10500

(Between Charoenkrung 38-40)


Line: @csbe

Open : Monday - Friday 9.30 - 18.00

           Saturday & Holiday 10.00 - 16.30

Tel : (02) 233-1208, 234-8519

               233-8434, 233-8449

               266-5517, 235-5257

Q   Which channels can I contact Chaisomboone Exchange?

A   For more information please contact
       • Call: 02-233-1208, 02-234-8519, 02-233-8434, 02-233-8449, 02-235-5257, 02-266-5517
       • Line: @csbe

Q   How do I reserve money?

A   Please contact our Call Center 02-233-1208, 02-234-851902-233-8434, 02-233-8449, 02-235-5257, 02-266-5517
       or via LINE to chat with our staff.

Q   What documents are required for currency exchange?

A   A valid ID card for exchange of foreign currencies to Thai baht.
       A valid passport or a copy of passport for exchange Thai baht to foreign currencies.
       *If no passport is available, you need to fill in a certification form that’s available at the shop.

Q   Can expired passport/ID card be used for currency exchange?

A   Expired passport/ID card cannot be used for changing money.

Q   Is there any maximum amount per transaction/passport/day on foreign currency exchange?

A    • Maximum 800,000 Baht/passport/day for exchange of Thai baht to foreign currencies.
        • No limit for exchange of foreign currencies to Thai baht.

Q   Does Chaisomboone Exchange exchange foreign coins?

A   Sorry, we exchange banknotes only.

Q   Is there any service fee or commission fee for currency exchange?

A   No service fee or commission is charged.

Q   Does Chaisomboone Exchange offer a money transfer service to other countries?

A   We offer only foreign currencies exchange, no money transfer.